Free PMP Mock Exam - I

Read the instructions before you start the exam.

  1. Number of questions : 50

  2. Duration of the exam : 1 Hour

  3. The clock will be set at the server. The countdown timer at the top right corner of the screen will display the remaining time available for
    you to complete the examination. When the timer reaches zero, the examination will end by itself.

  4. Passing score : 70%. Anything less than this will be considered FAIL.

  5. All questions carry equal weightage. There is no negative marking.

  6. There is only one BEST(ofcourse the right) answer for every question. You need to choose the right one among the four choices.

  7. You can end the exam at anytime during the exam.

  8. For navigating the questions(Previous, next , first and last) use the REVIEW button. This will display, the link to navigate to all the questions.

  9. There is an option for you to mark any of the question(s) for LATER REVIEW, if you think you need to revisit these questions.

  10. If by any mistake the exam terminates or link expires you can start the exam once again.

I will take it later.